Artaloft Project

Welcome to the artaloft project. What you're viewing is the result of a journey that began more than 17 years ago when I started flying hot air balloons. It was at this time that I also began painting. I always felt these two activities were strongly interconnected with one another but could not fully explain or understand how. The following is a little background and some of my ideas on why I decided to use a sixty foot balloon to make a painting.


balloon sketch animation


 The thought struck me while driving home from a balloon event looking out at the northwest landscape, it was just the easiest most natural idea. There are a few things that have played a huge part in my life, at least as far as work is concerned. I've had my flying and my painting, in between I always found myself moving through the landscape in one way or another. I cannot get away from the landscape, It's always been such a big part of what I look at, where I've been, and what I've done.

There is a flow or a current that exists in the landscape; an energy. A hillside may look static but it's got energy flowing all around and through it. This is what I like to try and depict in my paintings, that invisible energy, the current that over time changes everything. It's when we tap into that flow of energy that we are able to do our best work. Flying a balloon is much the same principle, flying and navigating strictly on the currents of the winds which are affected by changes and movements of energy. So I decided that someday I would try and make a painting on a balloon that attempted to depict these ideas.