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Corporate Ballooning

BSBC has 25 years of corporate ballooning experience making us one of the very few corporate balloon operators in the country. This is a very specialized niche within the ballooning industry and requires a high level skill set to deliver an effective corporate balloon program. We have been the chief balloon operator for RE/MAX International in the Pacific Northwest for 18 years. We conduct hot air balloon promotions throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Western Montana at various balloon festivals, special events, fund raisers, and corporate functions. The RE/MAX balloon logo has become one of the most recognizable marketing symbols today thanks in large part to the hot air balloons that make appearances throughout the country.

If you're a company looking for a unique and exciting way to deliver your brand to your target audience, give us a call.  We would be happy to propose  a custom tailored balloon program for your business.


If you are associated with RE/MAX in the Pacific Northwest and would like to find out about hot air balloon promotions in your area please use my contact page to request more information.

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