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Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

Our flagship aircraft with it's custom hand-painted mural on the envelope is the "Artaloft" Balloon. This one of kind balloon is 140,000 cubic ft by volume and can accommodate up to six passengers plus the pilot. This balloon is currently being rebuilt due to some of the fabric needing to be replaced. Unfortunately this means losing some of the painting on the upper half of the balloon but we're coming up with a new design.




Our other aircraft is a 105,000 cubic ft by volume balloon named "Scout" It can fly 2-3 passengers plus the pilot. We use this balloon for couples wanting an exclusive flight or if we only have 2-3 passengers. Scout is also used for scouting out new flight areas, adventure flights, and can be hired out for private functions. 





The iconic RE/MAX Balloon is one of the most recognized corporate brands in the world due in large part to the hot air balloons bearing its name. Big Sky Balloon Co. is the head operator in charge of the RE/MAX Balloon Program in the Pacific Northwest and can be seen flying at various balloon festivals and events through out the region.

Artaloft Balloon

Scout Balloon

RE/MAX Balloon